918Kiss Online Casino: What You Should Know about Sea Captain

918Kiss Online Casino: What You Should Know about Sea Captain


For those who love slot games, you’ll find a plethora of exciting and interactive games on 918kiss. Among the most thrilling slot games is the sea captain. The popular fishing game is quite engaging with exciting gameplay. You’ll probably be carried away by the lifelike graphics if you are playing the slot game for the first time. Undoubtedly, sea captain should be one of the first games to check out when you join the 918kiss casino. To learn more about the game, here is the detail:


Brief Introduction About Sea Captain

Designed by Real Time Gaming, the popular slot game is a high-end gaming software from a well-known brand. It features five reels, 25 pay-lines, and considered as a progressive slot game. As the name suggests, the game’s theme is based on fishing experience on the ocean. In the game, you’ll travel to catch fish while encountering different sorts of dangers on the way. When you eventually catch a big squid, you’ll be rewarded with a massive payout.


Betting on Sea Captain Slot Game

Considering that sea captain holds a coin limitation of $5 and each coin can only be wagered on each bet line, the maximum possible bet for each game is $100. However, you can bet for as low as $0.01 for each coin. Once you have set the betting level to each line, you need to tap the “spin” button to start the game. However, if you are busy with other games, you can activate the AutoPlay feature to continue spinning the slot machine for you until you wish to bet no more. 


What Symbols are Available in Sea Captain?

Interestingly, fishing elements are used as symbols in the game. For instance, you’ll come across Squid, Beacon, Rope, Harpoon, Hook, Captain, Fishing Vessels, Fish, Boots, Ring-buoy, and Harpoon as sea captain symbols. Each symbol features different odd value pay when you win. Most symbols in the game are usually found in other fishing games and movies. Hence, you’ll easily recognize them.


Symbols with the highest value in the game are unique to identify. While the captain symbol stands for the scatter symbol, the wild symbol is represented by squid. The two symbols offer different functions that can change during gameplay. Thus, they make the game more exciting as you make progress.


Qualities of Wild and Scatter Symbols

Aside from the scatter symbol, the wild symbol substitutes for other symbols. Wild symbol leads to winning by making a winning combination. Contrarily, scatter symbol alone doesn’t win through combinations. It’s worth keeping in mind that squid symbol (representing wild) only shows on reel II and IV. However, when a scatter symbol joins a winning combination, it’ll double the prize. The overall bets for a game are multiplied to calculate the scatter symbol wins. The resulting payout can be 200 times the total bet. Also, with the scatter symbol, you can trigger a free game offer during gameplay. But you need three captain symbols appearing at any place on the screen at the same moment to trigger free game.


About the Jackpot Prize for Sea Captain Slot Game

If you are lucky enough to see a fishing vessel symbol combining with a wild symbol, you can win 10,000 coins as a jackpot. As a player, you can win the progressive jackpot at the final stage of the game. However, it is often initiated randomly. Contributions from sea captain do not exceed 1.5% of the overall return to a gamer.



If you seek an exciting fishing game to enjoy the quality game time, we recommend checking out sea captain on 918Kiss. The graphics are impressive, while the gameplay is a masterpiece. Also, it is quite profitable with some lucrative offers. You’ll love it.