918Kiss offers several bonuses which help to increase the player’s chances to win big. The most commonly known bonus offer is the welcome bonus which can also be referred to as the signup bonus, refer a friend bonus and cashback bonus.

Cashback bonuses are not so common. This is because online casinos expect more bet placing as a requirement of the bonuses from other bonuses that are commonly seen. These types of bonuses have begun to gain much popularity in the casino world as several newly established casino websites have now opted into this package and added it to their site. A lot of online casino sites tend to offer this cashback bonus in their live casino and sportsbook session.

Cashback bonuses are mainly based on previously placed bets and do not really need any extra requirement from the player.

 There are no complications when receiving cashback bonuses. The cashback bonus is compensation for the amount that has been lost by players during the stipulated time of the online casinos. The most common form of cashback bonus is based on the percentage of the total amount that has been lost by the player over a certain period of time, with a limit on some amount.

the majority of the time in online casinos, the number of percentages of the amount lost by the player is usually between 10 to 15 per cent. The percentage is given and the period of time that is fixed is dependent on the online casino itself, so it might vary.

 Players who win and do not realize any losses during their gaming are already satisfied so this package does not apply to them. However, those players who have realized several losses and lost a lot of money are given another chance to get their money back with this bonus package. 

   Most of the online casino platforms around that offer cashback bonuses usually fix a certain condition on the bonus. For example, if a 918Kiss online casino platform gives a week of cashback bonus, players that lose a certain amount of money at the end of the week will be able to collect the percentage of their losses that would be given or a maximum of their bonus whichever one of them is lower. But there are some online casino platforms that offer their cashback bonus very often but will then fix a limited amount of time on the losses of the players.

 The 918Kiss cashback bonus can be claimed by the player by playing games which tend to qualify for the cashback bonus promo. Some of these games might include slots, cards, or table games.

Finally, this bonus should be seen as a player’s private form of insurance which would automatically give the player some of his money lost if things do not go as planned with the game. This new package has actually helped players from losing so much money after placing a bet on their games.