Slot Terms For 918kiss Online Casino Games

Have you ever felt lost while playing a slot game just because you didn’t understand many of the terms? Well, whether you’re a newbie or a slot expert the insane growth of slot terminologies recently will drive you crazy if you’re not always eager to learn something new.

Online slots like in 918Kiss have their own language and thanks to us because you’re a step closer to becoming a native speaker of this language.


Why Use Different Terms On Slot Games?

You know, when you understand some of the slangs used in slot games, you won’t have to scratch your head anymore when next you encounter them. Just spin the reels and win!

So, we have put together a glossary of these slot terms in an effort take the guesswork out when next you play on 918Kiss casino.

  1. 243 pay-lines


It also means 243 ways to win.  Any slot game that doesn’t determine a winner with just one pay line is known as ‘243 pay lines’. Instead, the winners emerge based on any winning combination of symbols that appears on the reels.

  1. 3-reels slot

It was inspired by the first set of slot machines. It simply means any online slot that has 3 reels and 3 rows of the symbol. Some games on 918kiss casino are 3-reels slot game.

  1. 5-reel slot

Games in this category have 5 reels and usually 3/4 rows of symbol, it differs sometimes. Many 918Kiss casino games adhere to this popular format.

  1. Action

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Slot action simply means adding a total amount played to the total amount won or lost in a session. This information helps you keep track of your expenses and wins, most casinos offer it on the player’s slot club card.

  1. Awp

It stands for Amusement With Prizes, usually for classic-style slots with fruit symbol. For a slot game to be classified as AWP, there must be a provision for some level of interaction.

  1. Bet Max

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The highest amount of credits that a player can bet on each spin. Bet min is the minimum amount.

  1. Branded slot

A slot game with famous movies and TV shows; it has added features with attractive graphics. Sometimes in 918Kiss tips for winning it is advised to avoid branded slots.

  1. Credits

Once a player inserts coins into a slot machine, it will be converted to credits. You can use the credits to place your bets on each spin.

  1. Jackpot

The highest prize a slot machine can pay out. Players often hit the jackpot when they’re betting a maximum amount on each spin, the slot machine provides the winning information on their paytable.

  1. Reels

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The reels in a slot machine are columns with various symbols. They’re the disks that spin inside the slot machine window with the symbols on them, you win cash when you match the symbols right.

  1. Tight slots

They’re considered stingy with less frequent payout than a loose slot.

  1. Wild symbol

This symbol substitutes for any other symbol in the game except scatter and it allows for extra wins.

  1. Scatter


Slot machines with the scatter symbol awards a player when a certain number of them are revealed in the reels of the screen when you complete a spin. It starts a bonus round sometimes…and almost if not all 918Kiss casino game has this feature.

So, did you learn some new terms from this glossary?

That’s right…

You don’t have to grasp all at once, just keep this list handy and study well before your next 918Kiss casino game so you don’t miss out on anything!anymore!!