Join the exquisite online casino experience with Mega888 today. Enjoy the Southeast Asian most popular online casino and see why we are the best in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia.

What is MEGA888?

For the number one top rated online casino revel in, we’d recommend you check out Mega888. Just like the top online casinos 918Kiss and SCR888, Mega888 is considered to be one of the best online casinos in the world because not only we have the most effective focus at the high-quality of our games, but we also prioritize the dependable and interesting enjoyable moments for all of our players.

Our online slot games are pinnacle-notch; however, our players additionally love Mega888 for our superiority over different online casino alternatives throughout Asia in terms of casino security, customer service, casino layout and various different aspects. We have our unswerving lovers to thank for helping us until we climb all the way to the peak of the web casino industry.

Nowadays, Mega888 is ranked within the pinnacle 10 excellent online casinos in Asia, it’s miles simply a notable achievement for us; but, we at Mega888 have no plans of stopping our attempt in polishing and updating our website to improve the general online gaming enjoy for all of our customers. Mega888 will now not rest until all of our players are happy with our platform as ease of get entry to gaming online, and once we are performed, no person will ever experience unnoticed at Mega888.

Creating an Account

You can choose either option of creating a Mega888 account based on your own preferences. To proceed with the registration process the user will have to fill in a few forms that requests your personal information, do not worry, as mentioned before, Mega888 treats customer privacy priority amongst all. However, when choosing a Mega888 agent to help create an account, we would recommend you make sure that the Mega888 agent is legit and try not to fall for dummy Mega888 sites hoping to exploit and scam their users.

What Are the Games Offered on MEGA888?

As stated above, Mega888 offers a wide style of fantastic video slot games for all to enjoy. The leisure content at Mega888 covers a huge variation, for instance, we have slot games, fishing video games, poker games, baccarat video games, roulette and rotating arcades, just to name some. A ton of video games are offered on Mega888 a good way to play, it is impossible to cowl all of them. We endorse that you try them out as soon as you registered an account, it’d not be wise to overlook this possibility to play them.

Where to Download & Install The SCR888 App?

The MEGA888 app is available to download on both the iOS Apple store and Android Google Play Store, the app is supported through each system as nicely, so it does no longer be counted what cellphone you’re using. Mega888 enthusiasts also can choose to manually set up the app by visiting our download website at mega888downloader.com.


The set-up procedure is simple and fast, all the players needs to do is follow the instructions listed at the download page of the website. The first step is usually to make certain you downloaded the correct apk document of the Mega888 app to your mobile device. Take aware that the installation method can most effectively when your smartphone is induced to consider the app developers. To do that, go to SETTINGS, then visit the GENERAL SETTINGS. There, you may find DEVICE MANAGEMENT, which you’ll see the name ‘ALL CONTINENTAL TRADINGS SDN BHD’. Click on it then click on TRUST. The installation has to begin straight away when you pick ‘TRUST’, the process will not take greater than 5 minutes.


How Safe is MEGA888 To Use?

Players will no longer to worry approximately their personal protection whilst gaming with Mega888, due to the fact that, we boast one of the most important protection systems in the online casino industry. Safe to say, cases of account hacking or another form of exploitation that can doubtlessly damage our players were zero, and we are able to continue the work to make certain that the future remains the same. Before you be part of our gaming community, you would need to know that:

Mega888 is a certified site accredited by a couple of international groups; that is extremely essential for any online casino that wishes to be verified with the aid of the internet gambling network.
Mega888 is vouched by way of online watchdogs and more than one licensing corporations as a dependable internet gambling platform. This proves that we are accredited through the online gaming community and is deemed a safe provider for use.
Features a two-factor authentication via linking our players’ e-mail and Mega888 app.
Any transactions made by way of the hacker that had stolen your account can be cancelled immediately and returned once the consumer reports this to our control team.
Mega888 possesses 128-bit encryption of personal data and account passwords. Encryption may be very critical because it acts as a huge wall preventing hackers from gaining access to your account password, even if they did, your password will come in the shape of an encrypted form, meaning that there is really no technique to study it unless the encryption is cracked, which could take a great amount of effort and time.
Mega888 also holds a strong firewall to protect users from account hackers, the firewall is surely uncrackable even by using safety specialists. This will in addition close down any tiny loophole that hackers may locate to access into the Mega888 website online and thieve the players’ information.

Mega888 spares no charges in perfecting the online casino’s protection structures. Within the online casino, the safety branch gets the largest bite of the company’s budget allocation. This is where our precedence lies, now everybody can enjoy playing with us without hint of problem on their minds. You may say that Mega888 is relatively a gamer’s paradise. Check out the Mega888 Review below.

Does MEGA888 Regularly Go Through Maintenance?

Of course, Mega888 is an internet gambling casino that is constantly improving. We realize the need to preserve the enjoyment experience for all players so that no person will ever become bored with us. Therefore, we determined to continuously churn out updates on new site functions, platform design, new game releases, and new promotions and bonuses. Mega888 will strive to hold on refining and enhancing our mobile app via these updates. Right here at Mega888, we additionally have sudden maintenance for quick fix of the hotfixes for bugs, glitches and others. We urge that all player stay patient for the duration of these moments of inconvenience, emergency website online maintenances usually will not take greater than 24 hours.

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