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We know you’re probably here because of Mega888 or thinking about playing casino games online. Make sure to read our terms and conditions before starting, as well as what risk is involved with gambling online! If it doesn’t suit your fancy then stop visiting right away – no hard feelings whatsoever 😉


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Your privacy is important to us. We won’t share or sell your information with any third parties, only use it as necessary for contact about services and promotions throughout the year – never more than that!


Gosh, we’re sorry to hear that you can’t visit our website because of your age. Our team will remove all references from the site and make sure any future visits are under 18 years old only!


You can rest assured that your private information is safe with us. We will never request a password via email or phone, so please be careful and do not share it with anyone else! If there ever arise any concerns about security on our end then don’t hesitate to contact the team for help as soon as possible.


All the intellectual property rights to our games and other relevant content are owned by Mega888. However, there is some information on this site that you can access without restrictions if it’s related specifically to gambling or discussion forums for users’ opinions about those topics!

The Mega888 website is a great way to get feedback from other players and find information about the games they offer. All posts in these sections are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial, meaning that anyone can post anything without having it go out of date or being covered by any copyright laws!

Mega888 online casino is a place where people can go and have fun. The only thing that Mega888 has no control over, however, is what users say on their websites; they cannot delete or edit these comments as it would compromise the privacy of others who visit us!

The content of this post is not an official record, but rather just a casual discussion held between two parties who happened to be browsing our website sometime.

We hope you had a great time playing casino games online with us and that we’ll see your face soon. Thank for understanding!


One User Is Only Allowed One Account:

We know you’re probably a really great guy or gal. But if we catch wind of it, your account gets suspended and/or terminated! So play responsibly–if not for yourself then don’t cheat our system by creating multiple accounts.”

Users Are Not Permitted To Make Wager In Multi-Player Mode:

We’ve got a lot of fun things going on here, but we don’t want anyone ruining it for you. If King or any other player who is not supposed to place wagers do get caught doing so their bonuses will be cut off and account privileges revoked in order to make sure everyone has an enjoyable experience without being changed by what’s happening with these types of people!

Withdrawal Criteria:

The Mega888 promotion is a great way to get your money out of the game. You need only meet certain withdrawal requirements before you can withdraw from your account and get that sweet, sweet cash!

Bonus Abuse Will Not Be Tolerate:

Mega888 Casino is committed to providing its players with a fair and enjoyable experience. That’s why we reserve the right, at any time without notice, to modify or discontinued bonuses offers that have been reported as being abused by those who do not follow these guidelines concerning how they should be used responsibly so as avoid suspensions from playing on our site altogether!

Roulette Rules

Limiting your losses by only betting on two sides that are not opposite each other is a great way to limit the amount you spend in case of an unfortunate event. For example, if I place a wager near 28 (or 29) in roulette then this particular combination would only cover half my original investment so it’s best not to bet simultaneous agrees when possible!

Mega888 Rules

Mega888 takes their compliance seriously! If you’re caught breaking any rules, your account will get cut off. And even though we love giving away free money like it’s our job (it kind of is), if someone breaks too many regulations then they might not be getting any more winnings from us either way so hand those chips over before it’s too late!!

Personal Information Cannot Be Faked

Mega888 is not responsible for vouchers that fail or get delayed as a result of incomplete, incorrect information provided during registration.

Promotion Can Be Adjusted

Mega888 is not responsible if you signed up for a voucher through our site but it never arrived or got delayed as a result of incorrect information provided at registration time.

Promotion Abuse Will Be Punished

Promoting an event or engaging in betting on sports might be considered promotion abuse. These promotional tendencies often include suspicious patterns of play, dishonest activities and repetition for certain selections to occur very often when they don’t call out any other time during games.”


Mega888 will not be held liable for any damages that occur on your website. However, you are responsible to take care of its integrity by complying with standards and laws such as copyright infringement or other crimes in order not to link them on our site since this could cause us problems down the line when we try fixing these issues causing more trouble than actual benefit to our website.

Websites must also have clear navigation bar links so visitors know where they’re going when browsing through our site.


We encourage you to promptly comply with any request from Mega888 management if it were ever discovered that your site had been linked to without permission. It’s important for both parties in this agreement to stay on good terms so we can continue doing business together!

Link removal is a very important task that can be done by anyone with access to the website. It’s vital for offensive or damaging content to remain off-site, so users should always report such links when they’re brought attention to!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to assist you.


The Mega888 website is a legal document that should be treated as such. All warranties, representations, or conditions have been removed from the site to maintain its integrity under official law standards.”

The Following Is What The Disclaimer Will Not Include

  1. To prevent injuries from occurring, it is important that you fully understand the risks associated with sporting goods before allowing your child playtime on these products. It’s also critical to have an understanding of how they work so as not unintentionally hazard them while playing!
  2. When a company knows or has reason to know that an employee is engaging in fraudulent activity on their behalf, they have the responsibility of minimizing any losses.
  3. In order to minimize or avoid financial losses in case the user is dishonest, sellers can reduce their liability for fraud by minimizing it.
  4. Site terms and conditions should be approved by applicable laws to protect the user from liability or judgments that may arise out of their actions.

Mega888 is a company with an innovative approach to the music industry. Their No-Layer policy means that as long you’re not paying for it, they can’t be held liable if anything happens on their site or in relation to any information found within its pages – even though there are many Nine bands who distribute free content!

For more information about the different features of Mega888’s services, please contact our customer support team!

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