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How To Claim Mega888 Free Credit Without Any Deposit

How To Claim Mega888 Free Credit Without Any Deposit
How To Claim Mega888 Free Credit Without Any Deposit

Mega888 is among the leading online casino platforms in Malaysia and several other regions in Asia. Many gamblers love this online casino because of its incredible game options, top-of-the-line customer support, and the intuitive UI of their mobile application. But there is one more thing that makes mega888 one of the most exciting online casino platforms. It is a very generous online casino.

Mega888 gives every new player a free welcome bonus without having to make any deposit. They call this the no deposit credit. Yes, most online casinos out there have welcome bonuses, but almost each of them requires you to register and deposit money first. So, what mega888 is offering to its players is unprecedented in the online casino industry.  

And mind you, it’s not just a mere 100% welcome bonus; it’s a mind-blowing 150%. What you may be wondering at this point is how one may claim this incentive. Here are the specifics.

1. How to claim your 150% welcome bonus?

How to claim your 150_ welcome bonus
How to claim your 150_ welcome bonus

To claim this bonus, simply download mega888 and register using your user details and password. Creating an account is pretty easy; after inputting your details, accept their terms and condition to complete the registration process. When you are a fully registered member, you now qualify for the 150% no deposit bonus that mega888 offers.

Terms and conditions of the welcome bonus

Before you claim your welcome bonus, you need to be aware of the following terms;

·         Only the first 30 days after account registration are eligible for the Welcome Bonus.

·         After a successful transfer of cash, you’ll get a bonus amount.

·         Each client is only allowed to redeem one promotion at a time. One per family, home, and IP address is what I’m referring about.

·         It is not allowed to count any bets that are voided or cancelled, or bets placed on opposing sides with the same result as a turnover.

Besides the welcome bonus, mega888 offers several other bonuses, including the referral bonus; Daily reload bonus, and birth month bonus. Let’s talk about each of these in detail;

2.  Referral bonus

One of the easiest ways to get some extra credits to use for your betting is referring a couple of people to download and use the mega888 app ( Learn how to download Mega888 before your gameplay ). For every person you send a download link with your referral code, mega888 will give you a bonus, which is usually a percentage of the initial deposit they make.

Besides the percentage of their deposit, mega888 also gives MYR 50 worth of credits for every referral. Let’s look through the terms and conditions of this bonus;

Terms and conditions for the referral bonus

·         To get started, find the referral link from your profile page under the Referral section.

·         Besides the MYR50 referral bonus, you can also participate in several other promotions to get extra bonus rewards when you meet the requirements within the same calendar month.

·         A one customer offer is permitted per individual. One per family, home, and IP address is what I’m referring about.

·         Checking period bonuses will be provided within seven (7) working days.

·         In order to collect the referral bonus, you must enter the “Promo Code” field on the transfer page, after the check time has expired.

3.  Daily reload bonus

With this bonus, you will have a chance of winning up to 50% of the deposits you make to your online casino wallet daily. However, the maximum amount you can claim with the daily reload bonus is up to MYR500. All of the games on the mega888 app may be played with this bonus.

Terms and conditions to claim daily reload bonus

·         You have to claim this bonus in person and at most once a day. As a result, there is only one IP address for each home, regardless of the number of people living there.

·         The incentive is only available to players who deposit a minimum of MYR 50.

·         The maximum daily reload bonus that each person can claim is up to a maximum of MYR 500 a day.

·         No good turnover bets will be credited if they end in a void, tie, cancellation, or bets on opposing sides with the same outcome.

4Birthday month bonus

This is the bonus that any registered member can win without doing a thing. All you have to do is make a claim during the month of your birthday to be eligible for it. So, that means you can only claim it once each year. You should also ensure you registered using the correct user details to avoid getting issues while claiming Mega888 Birthday Cash bonus because you will be required to verify your identity.


Those are some of the bonuses offered by mega888. To get more details of all the bonuses available on this online casino site, please check out the bonus section in the app. To receive any of the above bonuses, you must first speak with a member of the customer service team. After approval, the bonus credit will be sent straight to your wallet. 

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