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918kiss vs. XE88 The Best Online Casino Malaysia

918kiss vs XE88 The Best Online Casino Malaysia
918kiss vs XE88 The Best Online Casino Malaysia

918Kiss is a popular online platform that offers online slot games from its arsenal of online casino games. It is a prominent betting or wagering website in Asia, notably Malaysia. One of its biggest competitors is the XE88 website, which has also been termed as one of the best online gaming platforms by most gamers.

Striking Similarities Between XE88 And 918Kiss Online Casino

● They both provide gamers with online casino services.

● They both employ a wide range of classic online games appropriate for their target demographic.

● Both websites showcase a very engaging user experience. Their operators ensure regular site updates, thus offering a responsive interface.

● They both feature a high-definition, immersive experience that tucks you into a compelling gaming experience that mimics real-life happenings in physical casinos.

● Both websites allow users to download it to their mobile devices (Android or iOS) and their desktops or laptops.


● The 918Kiss mobile website is well-known in Asia for its leading-edge and immersive game servings that keep players coming back for more. On the other hand, XE88 is particularly famous in Malaysia for its broad themes, especially ancient Chinese culture.

● Both platforms provide several opportunities for their clients to win and earn money and special credit. Still, the 918Kiss Games platform is recognized to have a large variety of online slots and provides new subscribers up to 30% incentives only for joining up. Existing clients are not forgotten, as they can receive a redeposit incentive of up to 8%. On its side, XE88 provides daily login incentives to all users, boasting a more excellent definition and a more profound and immersive experience.

● While 918Kiss has recently received improvements, XE88 Casino customers may bet anything on the concept (which is quickly becoming less of an idea and more of truth) that XE88 is a newer, more favored slot arcade that outperforms 918Kiss in more ways than simply updates.

Factors Determining the Better Online Casino Between 918Kiss and XE88

Factors Determining the Better Online Casino Between 918Kiss and XE88
Factors Determining the Better Online Casino Between 918Kiss and XE88

Safety and Security features

Like other legit online casinos, the XE88 and 918Kiss platforms examine security measures regularly to protect their online casino players. When a new subscriber registers and completes the registration procedure, both casinos prompt them to enter their new passwords distinct from the one the registration agent used to sign them up. After a verification number is entered, the new password replaces the previous one. Updating passwords ensures only account owners have login credentials to their profiles or accounts.

Additionally, the administrators and operators are fully licensed and have secured all necessary licenses for casino sites and slot machines in XE88 and 918Kiss. Similarly, with 128-bit encryption, you can be confident that all data is safe and secure and will only be used for its intended purpose.

Impressive Bonus Promos

The XE88 platform rewards both old and new consumers for playing daily. This metric is reinforced further by including discounts at various stages and levels of the dealer’s choice. There are several games to pick from, like treasure hunts, matching games, strategy games, adventure games, casino games, etc. There are many types of games since XE88 understands that each customer’s demands are varied and unique. More bonus points are added to the player’s score counter for each level cleared, converted to cash or notable credits for a rapid withdrawal. Equally, 918Kiss welcomes new players with a 30% cash match offer while regular players enjoy numerous perks, including an 8% redeposit bonus.

Easy Steps to Downloading Casino Apps

The website for installing the 918Kiss app on Android and iOS smartphones ( makes it easy to download the Android APK or iOS app to players’ devices. However, with the latter, you will have to change your iPhone or iPad settings to allow installations from untrusted sources.

 Also, XE888 offers a chance to download its iOS and Android apps effortlessly. Like 918Kiss apps, they have intuitive tabs and a games menu that make it easy to navigate the various choices. There are almost no glitches when playing online. The download procedure is quick and straightforward.

Winning Chances and Effortless Withdrawals

Compared to 918Kiss, the possibilities of cashing out at XE88 are so great in favor of subscribers that a person stands a chance of winning with a minimal deposit of RM10 (10 Malaysian Ringgits). Customers can also request withdrawals by stating their want to withdraw to their customer care representatives and remove the amount. It usually takes five to ten minutes from the moment of withdrawal request to the point of credit by bank account. To make matters much better, the creators and administrators of the XE88 website have ensured that many Malaysian banks support the accepted payment method.

Customization and Appearance

Accepting any commodity after it meets the sense of vision is the first indicator of its interest. The subject of the games at the XE88 arcade is the priceless Asian culture, which is well-loved by customers and one with which they are familiar. At XE88 online casino slots, it is simple for each player to fully indulge themselves in the gaming platform and obtain high-quality entertainment for an exciting encounter.

After considering all the above factors, we confidently recommend 918Kiss and XE88 to online casino gamers. Although there are minor differences in structuring their offers and game servings, they rightly tick all the boxes of a legit online casino. If you are prospecting online casino games, you can easily register with them and enjoy their great game servings, irrespective of your location. 

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