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Learn How To Download 918Kiss

Learn How To Download 918Kiss
Learn How To Download 918Kiss

Optimizing online platforms for mobile access is vital in the modern digital era—notably, operators in online casino gaming who fail to align to this reality risk obsolescence. Owners of 918Kiss, a highly recommendable online casino gaming platform in Southeast Asia, are conscious of this trend.

If you are in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, or Brunei, you can enjoy its various games on an Android or iOS app. They are intuitive and come with preloaded tabs and icons plus proprietary algorithms that help in navigating your choice effortlessly. This article brings you to speed with the easy process of downloading and installing them across devices.

What is 918Kiss

918Kiss is a top casino gaming app. It boasts of well-spread games, including slot machines, table games, fishing games, and a live casino lobby. The portfolio keeps growing daily. It enjoys authorizations and licenses from reputable eGaming regulators, thus a perfect, secure, and fair online gambling spot similar to XE88 online casino games.

It is available on your device through a downloadable app that we exhaustively discuss in this article.

918 Kiss iOS App Download

918Kiss iOS App Download
918Kiss iOS App Download

If you have an iPhone or iPad, follow the following process to install the 918Kiss apk.

Look For The Official 918Kiss Download Site

The first step is to find the official download site to avoid scams or fraudulent links. You can search for it on browsers; Chrome, Opera mini browser, Safari, or Phoenix. Once here, you will have to enter ‘’ into the search box.

Besides, you may type 918Kisses in the query or search box. Your interface will take you to other trusted websites that have been entrusted with hosting official and legit links to 918Kiss apk downloads.

Downloading The APK File

Proceed to click on the iOS download link. There are various links for different iOS device versions. For example, you can press the iOS 64-bit link if you have the latest iPhone or iPad. If your device is relatively older, go for iOS 32-bit link.

Alternatively, you might realize the trusted websites have links labeled iPhone 5+ iOS or iPhone 5- iOS download. You can still use the links to install the APK successfully. However, the former is for the iPhone versions 5 and above, while the latter is for iPhone versions below 5.

Eventual Downloading and Installation

The process takes between one to three minutes, depending on the strength of your internet connectivity. Typically, we can advise you to use a stable network connection to avoid repeated errors or downloading failures. Click the ‘install’ button when the installation pop-up prompts you by asking for permission to install the APK.

Trust The APK

Eventually, you will get a notification that the download is complete. Click the 918Kiss Apk file label, and the ‘Untrusted ent’ prompt will pop up. The ‘Untrusted ent’ pop-up is occasioned because the download website is not native to iOS devices. Therefore, this OS does not recognize it as a trusted source for downloading the APK files.

To allow the iOS download, you will have to adjust your phone settings slightly. Click on your phone settings, go to general settings, and click device management. While here, click on all CONTINENTAL TRADINGS SDN BHD and press the TRUST button.

As you might notice, we have changed the name of the app. Typically, iOS has a firewall-like software that disallows the use of apps and files from untrusted sources or websites. Thus, by renaming 918Kiss Apk, we can cheat the system and bypass the firewall allowing successful installation to your phone.

Downloading 918Kiss Android APK

If you have an Android phone, this is the process of installing the 918Kiss APK.

Adjusting Phone Settings

Scroll down to the ‘Settings and Privacy’ button on your device settings icon. Open it; If your Android version is 8.0 and above, most likely, you will find the ‘Settings’ button instead of the ‘Settings and Privacy’ option. Also, the ‘Unknown Sources’ option replaces ‘Install apps from external sources’. However, the process is smooth and straightforward regardless of your device’s Android version.

Permit Your Android Device to Install the APK

Click on the ‘allow’ button when the pop-up prompts you to ask permission to install the software. The ‘allow’ option clears the path for a frictionless installation on your phone.

Getting the Official APK File

Like the iOS link, type ‘mega888downloader.come/918kiss’ in the query or search box. You will get a re-directing link to the official website authorized to host Android download links for 918Kiss software. While here, click on the various links depending on the version of your Android device.

Moreover, if you type ‘918Kisses’ on your browser search box, it will take you to another website that is officially mandated to host and distribute the 918 apk download files.

Downloading and Eventual Installation

The installation process takes between one to three minutes. It all depends on the reliability of your internet connection. We recommend you find a place with a stable internet connection to avoid lags in the process as they may result in download errors.

Once you download, you can expect a smooth installation process within minutes. Remember you have already adjusted your phone to allow installations from untrusted sources.

Open, Register, and Start Playing Hassle-Free

Eventually, click the open button in the main apps menu and register to enjoy timeless gaming. If you had registered on the website, you could still use your login credentials to access your account and play games like Dragon Maiden and Motorbike Monkey Slots anywhere.

Luckily, the 918Kiss customer support is on standby 24/7 to help you if you experience any challenges or problems when installing the app. You may reach the support team through live chat, WhatsApp, or WeChat Feature. We have no doubts they will listen to your queries and promptly get back with a satisfactory solution.

Surprisingly, when you register via the app for the first time, you will be in for great promotions. For instance, new players get a 30% welcoming cash match. On the other hand, regular players have access to limitless bonuses, including, an 8% re-deposit bonus. 

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